NTB Tires

NTB, National Tire and Battery, is an automotive service center that offers services in tires, batteries, brakes, and much more. NTB tires span a wide range of makes and models and come with a number of benefits guaranteed to increase customer satisfaction. Although NTB offers a variety of automotive services, they specialize in tires. In fact, the company was created when two tire retailers merged in 1997.

Since then, NTB tires have been satisfying customers all over the country. NTB automotive centers can be found throughout 1,200 locations in several states where they provide consumers with services like tire alignments, lube jobs, tires for sale, oil changes, and brake services among others. Quality work in diagnostic, repair, and maintenance services is performed by trained and certified automotive technicians using high quality equipment.

You may purchase brand new NTB tires or more affordable used ones. All of NTB’s used tires have been thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet RMA guidelines. Even used, you can be sure that NTB tires will be top quality.

You may be pleased to know that the purchase of NTB tires comes with a free alignment check, 22-point vehicle inspection, 30-day ride guarantee, and a lifetime of free tire rotations. These bonuses are not typical of average automotive service centers but are part of what makes NTB exceptional.

The vehicle inspection ensures that your ride is ready to make the best use of your new tires while the 30-day guarantee promises that you end up with good quality tires that work. The free alignment check and lifetime of free tire rotations have a high dollar value amount that will help you save significantly on rotations for as long as your NTB tires endure.

NTB tires repair is held to a high standard. In order to provide safety and satisfaction, the team at NTB follows strict RMA guidelines when repairing your tires. Their wheel alignments include a thorough inspection of components and an adjustment of air pressure as well as angles. NTB also offers free tire air pressure checks to ensure that your tires are adequately filled and safe to be on the road.

Additional NTB tires services include tire rotations, wheel balancing, tire mounting, and snow tire installation. In every case, the staff at NTB will take the time to help you find the correct specifications for your vehicle to ensure a job well done.

The automotive center also has a variety of specials and offers going on at any time. These may include Wheel Trade Ins, Buy 2 Get 2 Free, prepaid tire cards, half off oil changes, lowest tire price guarantee, $50 or $25 mail-in rebates, or Wheel and Tire Package Discounts. At the end of the day, a purchase of NTB Tires ensures great quality, exceptional service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.