Farm Tractor Tires

Agricultural farmers have overhead expenses each year just to replace equipment parts such as farm tractor tires. Depending on how much their tractor is used and also what for, determines the type and how often it needs to be replaced.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of farm tractor tires to choose from; radial or bias. Bias tires are the cheaper of the two. If your tractor isn’t used heavily for tilling the earth to plant crops, and you don’t need to ever drive it on a cement road, you will probably do just fine with the bias type.

Bias farm tractor tires are smoother without deep tread like their counterpart, the radial. Bias style will therefore slip on wet mud and cement, but will be perfectly fine for pulling a load or hauling. Depending on soil conditions the bias ones may be less damaging to ground surfaces also.

Radials, on the other hand, have very deep treads which grab ahold of the ground and have much better traction. Farm tractor tires that will be driven on cement roads or slippery, wet ground need that extra deep tread or they would spend a lot of time spinning in place.

In the radial category are two sub-categories: regular tread and extra-deep tread. The extra-deep tread are more expensive to make and contain more heavy duty rubber so also cost more at the retail end. Most farmers who are replacing farm tractor tires on an old, or ready to be sold tractor will opt for the cheaper bias.

Different tires also affect soil compaction for farmers which affects their crop yields. Research by agricultural specialists and soil scientists are continuing to look at new ways to improve soil conditions and help cut the loss for farmers whose crops don’t do as well as expected. The wrong farm tractor tires can significantly compact the soil and hamper crops’ growth.

Another consideration when buying farm tractor tires is whether the tractor is a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. The most important issue’s though are hours of use per year, and type of use the tractor will be expected to handle.

Few agricultural tire companies exist currently, but there are at least four major ones who have put much research into developing the best farm tractor tires possible to keep them competitive.

With the world economy looking bleak in 2011, some hedge-fund managers have chosen the top agricultural farm tractor tires company to invest in, knowing that once the economy starts to improve, there will be much growth potential available for this particular company.

Choosing the best farm tractor tires within a farmers price range is an important part of the bottom-line decisions that can make or break a successful farm.

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