Buy Tires Online

If your vehicle needs a replacement set of tires, you may want to buy tires online.

There are a few advantages if you buy tires online, as opposed to shopping in a store. You can shop at home, at your convenience, without pressure – rather than having salespeople trying to pitch the most expensive tires in the shop to you. You can view the tires for sale available through several retailers quickly and conveniently, rather than using hours of your time and spending gas money to trek from store to store comparing products. And perhaps most compellingly, you can save money on name-brand tires because online dealers can sell on volume. Most online shops receive their inventory straight from the manufacturer, so they pass their savings on to you.

If you decide you want to buying new tires online, you need to first have your own information in order. If you’re buying only one or two tires – say, to replace a flat or a set that has worn unevenly – it might match the remaining tires exactly. If you are buying a complete set, you have more options – but still want to ensure that the tires you purchase will fit the make and model of your vehicle. On the sidewall of your current tires, you’ll find the tire size number. You also need to find the load range letter, indicating how much load or weight your tires can handle; and the speed rating number, indicating how much speed the tire can handle before suffering wear and tear. Also consider the worst driving conditions you might face, and take safety into account.

Visit several websites as you begin your search. Compare the prices on brand offered through different dealers. Make sure that you include shipping costs when comparing these prices. Some websites say they offer free shipping, but really have raised the retail price of their item to cover shipping costs. Make sure you understand what’s included in the total cost when you buy tires online. You also need to make sure you find out the product’s warranty or recall information in the event that you have a problem after purchasing.

You can also take advantage of the networking opportunity the Internet provides. Anyone can leave information or reviews on products, dealers or installers. It’s a good idea to make comparing reviews part of your research to help you shop smarter when you buy tires online.

Even if you buy tires online, they still need to be professionally mounted on your vehicle. It’s a good idea to build a relationship with a professional shop for installation, balancing and any repair work that may need to be done.

With some advance preparation, it can be a simple process to buy tires online, offering you budget efficiency and convenience.